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  • cathie allen

    hi,i would just like to know how griffiths valuation can help with irish family search,im stuck finding out anything about my great great grandparents,i know they were married in ladysbridge ballymacoda cork in 1876 and that my great nan was christened there but i can find no other documentation about them,i dont know whether they were originally from there,or if they stayed there,i dont know any of their familiy members and can not find them on the later census,im really sad and frustrated,and can absolutely never afford to pay the prices to have someone research it for me 🙁 thanks cathie

  • Karrie

    Hi Cathie, I feel your pain! Irish research is very tricky for lots of reasons and, along with thousands of other family historians I mourn the loss of all those BMD and census records. Griffith’s Valuationis limited in its ability to provide details, I’m afraid. It only shows adult men and only those who either owned or rented land or property. However, if your family’s surname was unusual it can help to pinpoint them on the map. Have you read my article ‘Help, my family were Irish!’
    It might help. If all those resources run dry then t may mean a trip to Dublin!