Creating a family treasure trove

treasurechestAre you the Family History Researcher in your family?

Here are our six top tips for creating a heritage treasure trove for those who will come after you:

  1.  Make sure that you keep your family history in more than one format – maybe on paper and also in digital media. Who knows what we’ll be using in a hundred years!
  2.  Include personal items you have created such as photo albums, scrapbooks, letters and diaries — all the things you would be excited to find and which shed light on your personality and character. This makes your history much more interesting than a list of names and dates.
  3.  Make sure all photos are clearly labelled and dated, including relationships to you, so that the jigsaw can be re-assembled in the future. ‘Orphaned’ photos are so sad!
  4.  Grab every opportunity to record important events, like weddings, christenings and adventures. Also consider including national and international events like the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics from your perspective.
  5.  Sign and date everything!
  6.  Consider having your ancestry researched and presented. Do it yourself or commission one of our Family History packages. Click here to get in touch! Family Detective Enquiry Form

What are your tips for creating a treasure trove for your descendants? Or what do you wish your ancestors had left for you to find?


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