The Daily Trials of a Genealogist

Jean Baptiste Santerre (1650 – 1717, French)

Jean Baptiste Santerre (1650 – 1717, French)

This one is dedicated to my fantastic team of Researchers – I’m so sorry. I really am.

  1. When writing Christmas cards finding the urge to write all surnames in capitals and write, ‘son of . . .’ next to all your friends’ names.
  2. That bemused look you get when explaining to people what you ‘do’. Often followed by a comment like, ‘And people really pay you to do that?’
  3. Writing 1814 as the year on your cheques.
  4. Having inane tunes like ‘The Lambeth Walk’ stuck in your head because you found someone living there.
  5. Not being able to drive past a National Trust property without stopping the car and taking a quick photo, in case a future project involves someone who worked there.
  6. Addressing school notes to ‘Mifs Brown.’
  7. Waking up in the middle of the night and having to check the 1881 census for Albert again. Just one last time. Just in case.

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  • Leicestershire Ancestors

    8 . My car drifts towards Churches and Graveyards……no really it does!

  • Leicestershire Ancestors

    9 . I only talk to people with unusual surnames! (just kidding)

  • Leicestershire Ancestors

    10 . The only reason i want to be in people’s wills are for their family bible, medals and certificates! You can keep the money!

  • I love those, Iain! Especially number 10!

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  • calnorris

    11. Being the only one to get excited about filling in the 2011 census form.
    12. Your children think it is normal to practise their reading using gravestones.

    • It took me ages to fill in, Calnorris. I wanted to get it just right!