January News from the Family Detective Bureau

Karrie Drake

Karrie Drake

Well, who’d have thought that January would be such a busy month for the team at Family Detective? There was me thinking I might have some spare time to catch up on my own family history but no. We’ve have such an influx of new clients since Christmas, it’s been ‘head’s down and keep running.’

Many of our new projects are for later in the year. When people realise there’s a significant birthday coming up, or a big wedding anniversary, they look for something special to give; something unique. So we have projects being prepared for an 80th birthday, several 60ths and a Golden Wedding anniversary. If you need a little inspiration for a special gift this year, take a look at our website and see what we offer.

In other news, we had our first big breakthrough using the 1939 Register this week. We desperately needed an accurate birth-date to confirm whether we had found the correct birth record or not. One of the best things about this newly available document is that precise birth-dates were asked for. What’s more, Find My Past announced this week that the Register will be free to all those who have a full subscription. So, some good news if you’ve been avoiding using it because of the cost. See my previous blog post Will the 1939 Register help your family history research? for more information.

So, it’s back to work for me! I hope you’re making the most of all this awful weather, and making your own family history discoveries! Happy time-travelling!




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